Scraps/Surplus inventories

Surplus inventory arise when ‘the on-hand quantity exceeds forecasted requirement’. An unavoidable aftermath of a glitch in product planning, Surplus inventory is one of the largest costs that today’s industrial world faces. The loss could be in the form of cost of product itself, working capital blockage or even the holding cost. Greens help its client to sell the inventory or helps for collaboration with other marketer for inventory transfer. We are also liaison in all Industrial, Commercial and technical collaboration by a third party in this regards

 Greens has its decade long presence in this space. We have a good network of vendors and dealers exclusively for some renowned electronic brand as second sale or refurbished sales. Our network helps the client to recover the dormant value of its waste or dead-stock on time reducing the cost of holding it.  

 Greens USP is its decade long experience in its scrap trading business. Our parent concern, is one of the oldest and biggest scrap trading firm in South India, is in business for last 5 decades. We have our presence in Middle East, African and South American Markets. Our ethical code for long term sustainable business relations help us to be on the front-end of the ‘good, bad and the ugly ‘gradation in highly unorganised and fragmented scrap trading business.

We deal with all ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastic scrap n waste, precious metal scrap, hazardous waste, bio-fuels, paper waste, carton waste,  rare earth scrap et al….

Be it in your office, your factory or any industrial/commercial establishments we offer you the best competitive rate and timely removal of the same.