Reverse Logistics

Reverse logistics is simply all the logistic support for operations related to the reuse and recycle of products. It’s simply the reverse itinerary of a product from its customer back to its producer/ marketer. Technically for a producer/marketer it helps in realising the value of reusable or refused product and in easy disposal of condemned products. Further, in the dynamic new world order of reckless consumerism and planned obsolesce, EPR (Extended producer responsibility) is the new standard .Under EPR, and the producer has the responsibility of collection of end-of-lifecycle electronic products and its safe disposal.

For all your Reverse logistics tasks, Think Greens…… Dial Greens……..

Our team of expert technicians would collect the products from the source, verify it, and segregate it for refurbishing or recycling to help the client for realising maximum value of their product on your terms.

We take all consumer durables, electronic and electrical appliances/gadgets, garments, medical and cosmetics item and all items with scrap value or not.