E-waste Management services

E-waste is usually a popular and casual name for automated products drawing near the conclusion of their productive life and maybe of little or no use. The term productive life or life span of an electronic device is diminishing in fast pace either by planned obsolesce or forced one like technological up-gradation. Thus a large unwanted mass of electronics is piling up in our backyards leaving each of us a virtual contributor to the Ticking-Time-Bomb of e-waste (as per UN).

E-waste as such is not toxic.  However, processing of e-waste to recover valuable materials such as lead, copper and gold is hazardous. Therefore a careful environmentally sound recovery process is required for recycling the e-waste. As e-waste procurement and recycling efforts are concentrated mainly in informal sector, a more organized and formal approach is needed for a responsible procurement and recycling effort. Greens is an effort in such a direction. Approved by Kerala Pollution Control Board, through its stringent quality standards, our storage facility at Cochin is one of its best in its class. Greens has a dedicated team of experienced recycling workers who carry out work with utmost efficiency and flexibility, excellent logistic support cater specifically to the transportation of hazardous wastes and a good network of accomplished recyclers as its channel partners.

Greens aims for a better earth through clarity in vision and responsibility in its action, reducing the carbon footprint on our way ahead. Our effort might be small but it’s surely a raindrop to boost an ocean. It’s a humble attempt to leave a green footprint on our Planet earth, as the saying goes.

There is no Planet B