Greens is a group of professionals who has a decade long exposure on responsible recycling and refurbishing business space in South India, specifically in Kerala. Exposed to the challenges of a highly unorganized and highly fragmented scrap recycling business, we moulded a group of hard-core professionals who could make an order from the chaos to a professional system. Perhaps it might be the first attempt in Kerala to organize and professionalize the informal scrap trading sector to an expert group of responsible recyclers.

Our years long devoted vulnerability to the hazardous waste handling in Kerala, made us confident to rise to the challenges of post Information Revolution Era, the E-waste menace. Recognising the utmost need of a role of a responsible recycler in this space, we forayed to this sector after years of ground work. Certified by Kerala Pollution Control Board, through its stringent quality standards, Our storage facility in Ernakulam has a high profile infrastructure considering the fragile environment concerns of Kerala.

Greens reverse logistics wing operates in tune with the clients’ concern for a responsible Product Life-cycle Management. As a responsible channel partner for consumer electronics industry, we understand the problem of accumulation of scrap, waste and items worth refurbishing clogging the supply chain.  Our team would assist you with the best of our expertise for timely removal thereby ensuring a smooth traffic in product life cycle.

With the blind dependence on technology in today’s business world, its’ the security of data that’s at stake! Given the vulnerability and criticality of data of condemned hardware, our squad for data destruction and degaussing would ensure complete security of sensitive data from extraneous snooping.

Our Excess Inventory/ Scrap trading wing, has a decade long insignia in Kerala Market. We transformed our image from a crude scrap dealer to a new avatar, more professional and more courteous, more amiable and more credible. Our age old scrap trading business in new garb of professional scrap management business would suite your need of timely disposal of all waste and scrap from your backyard.

As a direct concern for our environment Greens work as a facilitator and promoters of exclusive environment friendly products. We create online campaign for the use of certified green products and carbon negating habits.